Crochet Plush

Welcome to the Crochet Plush section! Here you will find small, hand sized friends that you can carry with you, use as a keychain or even use as a stress ball! The yarn I use for these are plush/fluffy (thick), and the animals are stuffed. All the plushies currently are able to fit in your hand, whether smaller or larger. Please note that variations on yarns and the crochet process means two of the same plush may slightly vary in size.

Please be aware that because crochet is stitching, especially with a plush yarn, you may see areas with small holes, you should easily be able to gently shift the yarn around to close it. Do not pull as this yarn will break if pulled to hard. If you order anything in black, you may not be able to easily see the eyes, as the ones I use are black.

Crochet plush (amigurumi) is done by stiching in circles. This means that nothing is going to be perfectly equal, such as eye placement, fins or shape.

If you want a better concept of the colors, you can find them under visuals of color options. If you would like a color or combination not shown, please contact me via the Custom Orders page so we can discuss further.

Excepting special circumstances, returns/exchanges are not accepted.

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Showing all 11 results